Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Little Furry Monsters

Well, yes, there could be little furry monsters
In local garbage cans. They might be trying
Cumbersome alphabets with broken twigs.
They could be adding 1 plus none plus none.
Primary colors, cunning speech defects,
And shaggy. You would think that they would stink--
Eggshells and tea leaves, vacuum cleaner bags
Filled with hair, dust, grit, gravel, ash, and pebbles.
Leaves, butts, dead flowers, Kleenex wads, and shredded
Stuff. Stuff is the word, the bland adhesive
Which binds us bone to bone, passionate motes,
A minyan for a landfill. Where was I?
Ah, yes, the monster with its glass of milk
And cookie, with endearing mustache crumbs,
Though where the mustache ends and cheek begins
Is mere surmise. He has no bottom half.
Bones, hair, teeth, dolls, eyeglasses, wedding rings.
You wonder that there are so many monsters.
"Mingle," their mothers told them. "Go on, blend."
Monsters among us. Who'd have ever guessed.

1 comment:

Nev said...

Very wistful and nice. I was listening to the radio, and this woman was describing an old toy -- a peep-box, basically, through which children would be shown slides of other lands, and an adult would narrate the show. I wonder if muppets and muppet love will become part of that quaint history of toys. Maybe they are already. I think of zoetropes and viewfinders, and duckochans (inflatable japanese golliwogs), and pong. Maybe monsters have a deeper hold on us bcz of the dark edges of the imagination which they sort of give shape to and then lighten. Lighten up.