Friday, June 23, 2006

I see I reached

7500 hits this morning. (7311 of them probably were mine.) That's a good morning's work, I expect, for some of the Big & Rich Blogs, so thanks to those of you who read here, regularly or once in a while: your hearts must be as pure as Galahad's, for, Lord knows, there's no fringe benefits here, nothing to tempt you but the poetry itself.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Love. With Textual Apparatus.

When I was young, as yet the apple of
Nobody’s eye but Grandma’s, I awaited
The fabled coming of My Own True Love.
I am no apple now; and I am mated
With me and with the man I have created
[Cf. ll. 1-1.5, above].
Unlikely to be wed and wend together
[Var.: to be wed in such wet weather],
I lead the life which fits—one hand, one glove.
[N.B., as source, The World Well Lost for Love.]