Monday, April 02, 2007

Dear Good-Hearted, Fan-like Correspondent,

Thanks for the suggestion that I talk more about myself, that I reveal more--what do I read, what do I eat, what do I drink, who do I know, who do I do, what do I listen to, what was I like as a obnoxious, precocious whippersnapper, how many bedrooms in my house, how many frozen toaster waffles in the fridge, how do I like my steak, that sort of thing. I have considered your request in the generous, earnest spirit it was made.



H said...

I feel the pain of this anonymous correspondent...hardly a day goes by when I do not think to myself, as I gaze out the kitchen window, I wonder what RHE of RHE poems is having for lunch, or I wonder whether RHE of RHE poems prefers paper or plastic. I think maybe you're just a little shy and don't know where to start. Every month, in my inbox, I receive several "memes" from friendly bloggers and the like, that I will be happy to share with you.

Ten Things You Love About Springtime!
Three Foods that are Currently in your Freezer!
Don't You Hate It When _______?

No need to thank me, but should you feel the urge, remember, there's nothing says thank you like cold hard cash.

nev said...

Why, that's practically enough material for an unauthorized biography!

Formerly an obnoxious, precocious whippersnapper, R. H. Epstein's well-documented fondness for steak is matched only by his taste for frozen waffles, with which he is said to keep the freezer of his Denver, CO home stocked.

Here is where the famously little-known poet accomplishes most of his eating, drinking, reading, knowing, and doing of people, though by far the greatest proportion of his time is spent refusing to talk to anyone about any of it.

"If you're serious about not wanting to talk to people", Mr. Epstein explains, "there's no question you've got to have a blog".

RHE said...


I don't know about the memes people are leaving in your in-box. I can only suggest cutting the stems on the bias, putting them in a vase, then adding some warm water and a bit of citric acid. Or you could put a lock on your in-box.

RHE said...


I refuse to talk to you about this.