Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Every Mother's Song

Born with teeth, a caul, a head of hair,
marked for great things,
Is anybody there
to hear the mother as she sings,

Unto me is born, is born, here, a child?
The same starfall
Spattered a desert, wild
forest predators saw it all.

He now pays bills, she irons out disputes.
No one here sings
To the naked men, suits
of skin, cold miraculous things.


RHE said...

The even-number lines of this should be indented. I can't seem to make that work. I'd welcome suggestions.


Ofelia said...

There are a couple of ways you could do it. Before the lines you want indented you could use spaces, however many you want for your indent like this  : except replace the colon witha semi-colon.

On my blog I modified the paragraph tag with some css and defined it as indenting like 20 pixels and then I created a class that is no indent so that I could use both whenver I want and I also defined the line-height for paragraphs so that it wouldn't add that extra space after each paragraph.

I would suggest looking up some CSS online or getting the dhtml css visual quickstart guide, maybe.

Ofelia said...

Okay, my code thing didn't work it just created a space so I will put spaces between each symbol to demonstrate. To make a space just do this without spaces:

& n b s p ;

RHE said...

Thanks, Tricia, for the formatting suggestion, which worked splendidly.