Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The first snowdrops are showing.
Carol loved them dearly,
Under all that snowing.
Carol marked them yearly,
Said when they'd appear,
"Through another season, safe another year."


Nev said...

One of the ways the beloved returns -- and offers the reassurance of continuity.

Jeff Roberts said...

Thank you for this one Richard. Well-crafted and well-observed.

I have a small crop in my front yard. They began as a single plant given to mourners (celebrants?) at a memorial for my first serious HS girlfriend who died at 43 back in 1997.

They are the first to break the surface each spring, which is the one time each year I remember to miss her.

Snowdrops are underrepresented in the canon.

Best Regards,

Richard Epstein said...

Thanks, guys. Comments here are rare, but not unappreciated.