Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best way somebody got here today

By searching for "a poem for my mom about a fern." And by the way, one of the largest sources of traffic for this blog is something called "filmhill." What is that?


Brett Thibault said...

Hi Richard!

Google+ sent me an email today informing me that I should go thither and see the posts. At the top of the page was your post above. I just happen to have been looking into this issue myself last week, and I was told it's called referrer spam, and that I should not click the links in the log or something on my body will rot and fall off.

Just thought I'd pass that little gem along. Hope you are well my friend.

Richard Epstein said...

Thanks for the alert, Brett. Do I get to choose the part to be lost?

Richard Epstein said...

And I am guessing the same is true of "vampirestat," which must be designed to lure people here so it can drink their iambs and live forever.