Thursday, October 13, 2011

From the mailbag:

RHE, you've got a lot of gaul.

Yes, they said that to Caesar, too. Come see me again in March, sometime around the Ides.

I took one of your poems to class. My teacher said it was blank. I told her it wasn't and tried to show her, but she is a teacher and does not listen.

Many teachers are honorable practitioners of a noble profession. Not all. You should have told her it was a printer error.

Why do you like Kipling so much?

Aw, come on--this is just too easy.



karensomethingorother said...

why did someone say you had a lot of gaul? You must have outwitted someone again, and you know how peeps love that.

How on earth could someone say your poem was "blank"? I find that preposterous. Don't tell me this is going to be another case of appreciation post mortem. What a drag the world is.

Richard Epstein said...

Karen, I suspect the teacher had made some comment about "blank verse" which the student completely misapprehended.