Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The World Downriver

The world is somewhat broader than the word
suggests—the tiny globes slotted for banks
or pencil sharpeners, the sort of news
which offers brief and intimate reviews
of life in Akron. Give a world of thanks
for not obtruding Kenya on our notice.
And which of you sophisticates has heard
the prayer that Kundar packaged on a lotus
and floated down the river for his dad,
so lately deceased? The world is somewhat bigger
than what can be ignited by a trigger
in mating season. Even with the bad
strangers excluded, still sit you and I,
a world, we say, grown old, grown dark, gone by.


Agnes said...

The world is ugly, except when it's not. I'm having none of it today. Okay, maybe a nibble...

nevid said...

I don't think somebody could "obtrude" Kenya -- I think Kenya would obtrude or not obtrude. Maybe "Kenya not obtruding on our notice" - but again, "notice" sounds odd. I know what it means - just in conjunction with obtruding it's bad.

Rolsen said...

Nice play on worlds, uh, words. I personally love the phrase "not obtruding Kenya on our notice" -- one, because we get to hear a transitive use of the verb form; two, because the same small shock is repeated in the flipped point of view, our circumscribed notice being paramount; and three, because it sets up the rhyme with "lotus".