Thursday, November 15, 2007


When I post prose, I get comments. When I post verse, I don't. What does this mean?

Anyway, here's a prose query. There's an awful lot of blank verse out there on the internet--Paradise Lost. All of Shakespeare's plays. Thompson's The Seasons. The Ring and the Book. But if you type "blank verse poem" into Google, one of the things you get, on the very first page, is my poem "A Short Course in Theology" on this blog. Why? (Not that I'm complaining. An awful lot of people find their way here in just that manner. No word on how disappointed they are when they arrive.)


Esme B J Lee said...

well, and here it is happening again--response to prose posting. I just dropped in to say hello how the hell are you.


RHE said...

You, madam, have been neglecting your blog. Get thee to your poetry, go!

--Michael said...

You can't find out how disappointed they, are when they arrive at your page because your comments are screened "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." Which is sort of ingenuous of you don't you think? It may be that people don't comment on your verse because it doesn't touch them.

Esme B J Lee said...

I have been neglecting because my puter broke. I am on a laptop loaner. I can't decide what puter to buy next and therefore have been absent everywhere.

a madam, heh.