Thursday, September 01, 2005

My favorite poetry board remarks

--Who are you to say what's good?

--There's no such thing as good or bad; it's all just opinions.

--If you know so much, how come I never heard of you?

--I showed this to my girlfriend, and she liked it.

--What are you, like the poetry god?

--I've been published, you know.

--When I read this to a bunch of drunks the other night, all of whom were waiting a turn to read their poems, they all liked it.

--I really really liked your poem. Now read mine, and tell me what you think.

--You're mean. There's other things in life besides poetry.

--I've been writing poetry since I was 8, and I don't have to listen to you.

--Yeah, we read that Tennyson crap in school, but this isn't the Middle Ages anymore.

--I read this to Anne Sexton before she committed suicide, and she said it reminded her of Adrienne Rich.

--You're not the boss of me.



Lisa said...

How about...I didn't come to America until 1972 so my English not so good.

At least I write from the heart but you don't have a heart!

You must not be getting any so that's why you're so mean.

What do you know anyway? All of my friends liked my poem. My publisher likes my poems.

I let my friend read you and he/she thinks you're mean too.

I just think that you could be less mean and use what you know to teach and encourage others but I think you're funny.

Who are you to tell me! What are your credentials? How many poems do you have published and where can I find them?

Pathetic Jew!

You must be a devil worshiper.

Lady_Naomi said...

How about you're not the boss of me now...You're not the boss of me now...And, you're! LOL.