Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Midnight Train

A lantern on a lanyard on the last
Train out of town to Anywhere at All,
Which happens to be east of Little Jugs,
Gives more illumination than you’d think.
A carrot and a stick and several shoes
Piled on the platform where the caboose becomes
Thin air; and you, you weren’t expecting that.
The elegance of emptiness does not
Include a carrot or a pair of heels,
But Anywhere at All will be amused.
A milliner’s, a pool hall, and a new
Patisserie, in case the gentry come.
A Church of Holy Holiness, a cow
Walking the streets, and then, of course, a bank.
Life can be fruitful, Anywhere at All
Instructs its children, who are dreaming of
A better world, offered in Somewhere Else,
To those catching the midnight train, which leaves
Tomorrow afternoon at 6:15.

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