Friday, July 15, 2011

Critical Updates

I’ve changed the voice commands. The poem starts
When anyone says “Artemis” or swears
By Zeus’s thigh. It finishes when rain
Intervenes, the puddles ex machina
Providing an escape. Between the prompts
Poetry sleeps. Hollering “Blood-dimmed tide”
As your Camaro races by won’t work,
Nor liquid-sifting nightingales atop
A satellite dish. I have allowed for that.
Nor saying “Venus” when you really mean
The foam-born goddess who made Helen fall
For that blond curly-headed twit, then watched
A local Hector dragged around in dust.
You can’t say “whale-road,” can’t pretend that Danes
Are good for more than video games. You must
Burn your own child to smithereens to save
Earth from the sun when what it needs is rain.

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