Thursday, February 24, 2011


So Auden married Erika, der Mann's
Daughter, because that's what a bugger does,
Which doesn't seem to have disturbed the plans
Of anyone, except the beast that was.

Nice story. Famous names. The gentile touch
Of charity, and no Mann shared his beds.
Just don't believe that we believe too much
Of what such great men portage in their heads

From Alpha to Omega. There were those
Abandoned, which was not the fault of verse;
A little more, perhaps, a debt that prose
Has not repaid; but when the starving curse,

They do not mention villanelles or myth
Or those who aimed intentions, one by one,
At celebrated, artificial kith
And never felt contrition from a son.


karensomethingorother said...

ah, this one's a thinker. I'm going to have to ponder it more while I wile away the boring, domestic hours.

karensomethingorother said...

From Wikipedia:
"...In 1935 she undertook a marriage of convenience to the homosexual English poet W. H. Auden, in order to obtain British citizenship. She and Auden never lived together, but remained friends and technically married until Erika's death."

See? I CAN learn new things, even under this here rock!

RHE said...

These are not obscure or little-known matters, and I guess I assume a certain degree of literary sophistication in my few readers. (Otherwise, they'd be reading someone else.) Still, it's nice to know someone was interested enough to do the digging. What's better than a serious, motivated reader?