Friday, March 19, 2010

Here It Is

Here is a list of what I can't remember--
I'm kidding, of course. No, wait. Here is a list.
What time it was. How old I was. Who came
And what she brought. The capital of Chi.
The publication dates of What's-His-Name
And when I hit him. All the horses' men.
Pringles & Funyuns. All the rabbi's girls.
The Queen of Hearts and Blackjack Mulligan.

To few of these have I been reconciled.
I shall not steal your money, and your wife
Is safe if I'm awake. A coral reef,
Teeming with spirits, angelfish and clowns--
Did I see that, or was it someone's book,
Lost in the fires of '71, the last
Post just before the world grew up and left,
The bitter end of something bittersweet?

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